Indiegogo and Kickstarter: Crowd Based Funding

Making movies costs a lot of money. This statement is an obvious one and it begs the questions; how can independent artists who are trying to get off the ground raise funds for projects? For the last few years film enthusiasts and aspiring oscar winners have been using crowdfunding sites. A crowdfunding sites helps raise awareness about projects and serves as a source to donate campaign funds. Kickstarter and Indiegogo, among others, help users build campaigns for their projects, spreads the word through social media sites attracting the attention of journalists and bloggers as well as potential contributors. Both sites encourage using social media including Twitter and Facebook to maximize reach.

Tips to increase social media:

  • Respond quickly to all messages and comments
  • Don’t over contact or spam followers
  • Continue to disseminate new Information
  • Put a personal touch to your campaign

Funding for both sites is set up with a goal in mind. Choose a fundraising goal and let the cash (hopefully) roll in. The biggest difference in sites is that Kickstarter does not allow you to keep your money unless you reach your ultimate campaign goal. Indiegogo, however lets you keep your donations even if you do not meet your top goal. either way both sites are great for fundraising as well as learning how to market yourself. Once your name is out there and people know who is behind a project they are more likely to donate. Having proof online of the money you’ve raised is validation others can see. According to crowdfunding is a booming market that is doubling in size every year. While Kickstarter is mainly for creative projects and does not fund business or charities Indiegogo can be used for just about anything. This much broader approach draws a lot of attention but in a wider range of markets where as Kickstarter will keep your contributing pool focused on creative projects.


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