Online Pirating: HBO is Fine with that

Among the many things that the internet has given us, some more questionable than others, quick access to our favorite television shows has to be among the greatest. The act of tuning in to your favorite shows when they air on television is one that is slowly disappearing. More and more people turning to the internet for instant gratification. As most regular internet user will know; it is fairly easy to find most movies and television shows on various pirating sites. With the vastness of the internet it is more than likely that someone somewhere (a collector) has uploaded a digital copy of whatever popular media you could want. This poses an obvious threat to producers of entertainment because without proper compensation the shows and movies we love couldnt be made. Certain companies however, such as HBO is not too concerned with the illegal viewing of their shows. Choosing to look at the situation as a flattering one HBO has stated in multiple interviews that they are aware of the piracy problem and in some cases are more concerned about the quality of the download than the fact that it’s illegal. The fact that there are that many people out there who want to watch their show and refuse to wait isn’t the worst problem to have so HBO’s rather polite response is not too shocking. Game of Thrones- HBO’s most successful show to date, and the most pirated show of all time for the past two years is a shining example.  Show runners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff say they have mixed feelings because they know that the show ceases to exist is it doesn’t make money but knowing that there are so many fans out there wanting to watch the show so badly that they are just glad people are watching the show even if by unorthodox means. In the long run HBO knows that the more publicity the better and by letting the piracy issue stay in the public eye as well as leaving their show out there for the masses to see will do nothing but spread their brand. Another aspect of the piracy issue in other countries; online pirates offer the shows and movies much quicker than they are released in many countries. Who wouldn’t choose to get a movie for less money, months before it’s released in your country. With the internet forever growing only the future can tell what the networks and the rest of the entertainment world will decide to do. Game of Thrones however will most likely continue to rule the internet in illegal downloads for the near future.



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