Say Hello to Inside Out

As a huge Disney lover I’m not ashamed to say that I’m very excited to see Disney Pixar’s newest film, Inside out. Inside Out is about a young girl named Riley who moves to San Francisco when her dad gets a new job. Like the rest of us Riley is guided by her emotions, which we get to see as characters in the movie. Joy , Fear, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger all operate the control center inside Riley’s mind and help her get through each day. (Disney, 2015)

In an article by Scott Mendelson from Forbes (2014), he says that the release of the new Pixar film is important because some critics feel that Pixar is in “some kind of sequel crazy rut” and Inside Out may be viewed as “somehow needing to save Pixar”. The company has still been “kicking box office and relative critical butt”, for example Brave won best-animated picture at the Oscars in 2012. (Forbes, 2014)

In his article, Mendelson discusses how the teaser trailer “is almost exclusively about reaffirming Pixar’s legacy” which is important if they feel fans aren’t as excited about new releases anymore. The trailer pulls at your emotions and nostalgia to get you hooked before you even know what the movie is about. (Forbes, 2014)

Before more trailers for the film were released Disney used its social networking sites to promote the movie. In 2012 Amanda Grant, director of distribution for Disney Interactive, shared some of Disney’s social media strategy with Giselle Abramovich for When asked about Disney’s approach to Facebook Grant explained that it is “about content sharing among [their] 13-and-older audience, making connections and sparking conversations”. She also shared that their engagement on Facebook focuses on reaching “families and Disney enthusiasts”, and sharing “content that [their] guests [will be] compelled to talk about and share” with others. (DigiDay, 2012)

What Disney did next for Inside Out goes right along with the strategy Grant shared with DigiDay. Before an official trailer for the film came out they used their Facebook page to introduce the audience to the film’s characters. From November 17th through the 21st (2014) short 20-second clips were put up on Facebook saying “Say Hello to ____” for each of the characters. All they do is show their emotion and what each of them look like. (Disney, 2014)

In addition to posting various videos on Facebook and encouraging their subscribers to share them, Inside Out also has its own Twitter page. In her interview, Grant expressed how “fortunate” Disney is to be able to “offer digital extensions [of] the magical experiences [their] guests love”. When translating that to social media they focus on “the types of creative expressions that people are most likely to connect with”. The film’s Twitter page does a good job of that, posting pictures with captions that go along with current events. For example, on the day of the super bowl the account was posting pictures and gifs relating the characters to what was going on in the game. (DigiDay, 2012)

The advertising campaign Disney has created is creative and unique. It is different from previous campaigns Disney has made and I think it is doing a great job at successfully using social media to Disney’s advantage.



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One comment

  1. thesocialmediabutterflies · April 24, 2015

    Wow, I am really excited for this movie. It kind of surprised me that some critics feel that Pixar is in “some kind of sequel crazy rut” because as a consumer, I still consider Pixar to be considerably ahead in the world of cinematography and animation. I think Pixar’s advertisements for Inside Out are great. The teaser preview absolutely achieved its intended purpose. As I was watching it, I felt a wave of nostalgia as Pixar’s past flashed across the screen. Have you ever read the book Creativity, Inc.? It’s all about the foundation and creation of Pixar. I highly recommend!

    – Zoe Myers


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