About Us

Do you love movies? We do! That’s why we’ve made a blog all about them. Over the next few months we will be posting about movies and the movie industry, keeping you updated and informed about what’s going on on the big screen.

But first, get to know us:

MeRachel Killmeyer: I’m a sophomore at James Madison University majoring in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Integrated Advertising and Corporate Communication and minoring in Cultural Communication. I live in northern Virginia, about 20 minutes from Washington DC. When I’m home I work at the American Girl Doll store and try to catch up on all the movies I wasn’t able to see while I was at school. At JMU I’m part of several different organizations: Phi Mu, Overcoming Barriers, and Proudly Assisting and Welcoming Students (PAWS). I’m very interested in the media industry and I hope to be part of it after college. My dream job is to work for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Doug Schmelter: I’m a sophomore at JMU in the SMAD program. I am from Charlottesville, about an hour from Harrisonburg. I work at a local production company (Telemedia Productions) here in town, shooting JMU sporting events among others.I am also in Doghouse productions, JMU’s production club. I love the media industry and hope to pursue a career in it.


One comment

  1. Dr. Talé Mitchell · February 7, 2015

    Hi Rachel and Doug,
    Although not necessary, adding a picture to your bios adds a nice personal touch.


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