Spiderman Swings Back Into the Marvel Universe

Marvel Entertainment tweeted at 11:30 pm on February 9th announcing that Sony Pictures Entertainment is bringing the Marvel Studios into “The Amazing World of Spiderman”.

Spiderman originated in 1962 in the 15th issue of Amazing Fantasy. He received his own comic book series, The Amazing Spiderman, published by Marvel comics and written by Stan Lee in 1963. Marvel has released 10 films in the past 7 years, none of which feature the web-slinger. This is because Sony Pictures has controlled the rights to Spiderman since 1999. (Marvel, 2015)

On the 9th Sony Pictures and Disney’s Marvel Studios announced a deal that will let them share the beloved superhero. The deal was a quid pro quo transaction, with no money being transferred. Although they are sharing the hero, the two companies will not be financially benefiting from each other in the box office. Neither company will receive a percentage of the revenue the other makes from films that feature Spiderman. (Hollywood Reporter, 2015)

The deal will still benefit both sides tremendously. Marvel has already controlled the rights to Spiderman for TV, merchandise, and other platforms. Now they finally have the opportunity to include the beloved hero in their films. Sony gets to benefit from a rebooted Spiderman with the help of Marvel’s Kevin Feige and the company’s large fan base. Variety Media (2015) explainied that Sony needed to “breath life into its Spiderman franchise” and that lending the character to Marvel gives them a way to generate more exposure for its bigscreen hero”.

So, what’s next for Peter Parker?

On February 10th CNN Money (2015) said that Sony would continue production with the newest Spiderman franchise due out in July, 2017. Thanks to the new deal the film will be co-produced by Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige and former co-chairwoman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal. But, before the Sony film premiers Marvel has announced that Spiderman will first appear in a Marvel film (Marvel, 2015). We don’t know when but it looks like our favorite superhero will be back sooner then we thought.



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